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NovoBrush avec Novotip - Brosse à Mascara Réutilisable avec Manche en Or - 100 Novotip - Embouts Applicateurs sans Peluche, sans Plastique, Écologiques et Biodégradables pour Lash Lift et Extensions de Cils
Embout Novotip - Applicateur sans Fibre Écologiques et Biodégradables pour le Lifting des Cils
Pamphlet La Gamme Novo Eco - Des Outils Désinfectables et Réutilisables Pour les Techs de Cils - Patch Silicone, Embouts Brosse à Mascara en Silicone, Embouts Applicateurs Interchangeables sans Fibre
Programme de Recyclage NovoEco - Marque Écologique pour les Techniciennes de Cils -Aidez à Préserver la Planète avec la Gamme NovoEco
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Fiberless NovoTip™ Lash Lift Applicator Tips (100x)

9.00 CAD

Reduce Your Environmental Impact with Novotip™ - The Multi-Purpose Fiber-Free Applicator Tips by NovoQueen

A Sustainable Solution for Responsible Beauty

Novotip™ applicator tips offer a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to beauty. By using these fiber-free applicator tips, you can easily wipe lotions and apply Detoxcil™ shampoo while reducing plastic waste by up to 80% with each use.


Economical and Versatile

Our pack of Novotip™ applicator tips contains 100 units, allowing you to save 50% more compared to disposable plastic-handled fiber-free applicators. These versatile tips are suitable for all skin types, making them a cost-effective choice for lash artists and beauty professionals.


Ease of Use and Environmental Friendliness

Inserting Novotip™ applicator tips into the Novobrush™ handle is quick and effortless. After each use, simply dispose of the tips, promoting a clean and environmentally friendly workspace. This seamless integration ensures convenience without compromising the environment.


Empower Your Lash Lift and Eyelash Extension Sessions

Join the movement towards sustainability and empower your beauty services with Novotip™ - the eco-innovation by NVQ. By incorporating these fiber-free applicator tips into your routines, you're making a positive impact on the environment while delivering exceptional results to your clients.


Novotip™ Applicator Tips (100 Units)

Each package of Novotip™ applicator tips includes 100 units, providing an additional 50 units compared to disposable plastic-handled fiber-free applicators. With Novotip™, you can save 80% of plastic waste with every use, contributing to a greener future.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Perfect for wiping lotions and applying Detoxcil™ shampoo
  • Cost-effective alternative to disposable plastic-handled fiber-free applicators
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Convenient disposal after each use
  • Seamless integration with the Novobrush™ handle
  • Empowering professionals to make a positive environmental impact

Take a step towards eco-responsibility and elevate your lash lift and eyelash extension services with Novotip™. Let's protect the planet together while achieving stunning results.

    The Novobrush™ with its accessories

    The 4 uses of the Novobrush™:

    1. To brush client's lashes with reusable silicone mascara brush tip (Included with Novobrush™).
    2. To apply lotions with the Novomicro™ micro brush tip
    3. For wiping off lotions with Novotip™ fiberless applicator tip
    4. Resale to the customer, because the mascara tip is resealable in the handle (Suggested resale price $25)