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SELF Masterclass: Marjorie Queen Mentor
SELF Masterclass: Marjorie Queen Mentor
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SELF Masterclass: Marjorie Queen Mentor

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Becoming your own queen starts from within.

Intimate conversations on how I claim my throne.

I used to be my own worst boss. I'm sharing my journey of how I switched to become my own best friend. How I now treat, hold, support, romance, and love myself.
For a long long long time. Way too long time. I had the belief that you can’t love yourself too much.
It’s snob. (For others) C’est « frais chié ». (For others) It’s « too much ». (For others)
You will take too much space. (For others) For others…
But who gave them the permission. I did. I am taking it back a little everyday. For who? For me. There is plenty enough love for everyone.
There is plenty enough space for everyone. Love you. Do you. Be you.
Welcome to the SELF Masterclass