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Fixing a Lash Lift Gone Wrong: 9 Common Issues and Solutions

by Team Novoqueen on February 29, 2024

"Embrace the beauty in every setback; it's the key to unlocking the extraordinary." - Marjorie

Hello my Queen!

Let's be real. Getting perfect lashes can be tricky, and sometimes things don't go as planned. Let's explore why your lash lift might not have turned out as expected and discover how to fix it.

Issue #1: Dirty Lashes

Make sure your lashes are clean before starting. Any makeup, grime, or oil can mess with the lifting solutions.

Solution: Start with clean lashes. Use Detoxcil Lash Shampoo and avoid waterproof mascara for a few days before the lash lift.

Issue #2: Not Customizing for Your Lashes

Each lash is unique, and a rushed process can harm the protein bonds that shape your lashes.

Solution: Begin with a personalized lash assessment using Universal Silicone Pads & Perm Protect for a custom experience.

Issue #3: Expired Products

Check the expiration dates of your products to avoid disappointments.

The pouches are good for 1 year after purchase or 6 months after opening. After 6 months, it is likely that you will have to add 1 to 2 minutes more than usual for preparation. There is a QR code on the back of the pouches for more information. Here is the link if you want to check how to test your perm and fix lotions to see if they are still good: Lotion testing video 

There is no need to store them in the fridge. They should be kept at room temperature.

Solution: Make sure your products are still good. Regularly check expiration dates and store them properly.

Tip: When you open your perm and fix pouches or other products, write the opening date directly on the bag or keep a small diary with the opening dates of each product.

Issue #4: Too Much Glue

Balance is crucial; too much glue can affect the lifting solution and result in less-than-perfect curls.

Solution: Be careful with glue. Use Sticky Adhesive & Flat Lash Lift Application Brush for precision. Let the glue set before applying the lash lift perm solution.

Issue #5: Skipping Aftercare

A beautiful lash lift needs proper care to last.

Solution: Educate clients with an aftercare instruction card or find information you need in our blog posts. Improve longevity with Hydracil & Richbrow and Nutrifix for nourished lashes.

Issue #6: Lash Health Problems

Damaged lashes may not respond well to a lift. Strengthen them first for better results.

Solution: Recommend a break from lifts. Suggest to use the Hydracil organic lash serum and RichBrow lash oil therapy to fortify lashes before trying a lash lift again.

Issue #7: Using the Wrong Lash Lift Shield Size

Opting for the wrong shield size can lead to curls that look anything but natural.

Solution: Exercise precision in measurement. Choose the correct shield size for an effortlessly natural lift. Dive into the art of selecting the perfect size with insights from our Lash Lift Vegan 2.0 Training.

Tip: Seeking the confidence to deliver consistently natural lash lifts? Look no further than the Lash Lift Vegan 2.0 training. This groundbreaking program equips you with techniques for flawless and successful lash lifts every time. Explore more about this transformative training here.

Issue #8: The Overprocessing Challenge

Excessive processing can result in weakened and overly curled lashes.

Solution: Maintain precision. Adhere closely to product and training instructions, including the recommended processing times, to prevent any potential damage.

Issue #9: Applying Too Much Solution

Generous application of the lash lifting perm solution can lead to overprocessing and damage.

Solution: Be precise. Apply the lash lift solution to the lash roots (the bottom one-third) for an overall lift. Consider mastering the Lash Lift through our Lash Lift Vegan 2.0 Training.

Lash Tech Must-Have: Elevate your game with the lash lift application brush. It ensures precision when applying Perm 1 and Fix 2 for that perfect lift!

Tips for Conquering Challenges:

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To overcome challenges like a pro, get proper training or find a reputable lash lift technician with the right expertise. Remember, setbacks are just stepping stones to extraordinary success.


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