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NEW SIZE Universal Glue Free Lash Lift Silicone Pads (New Color)

22.00 CAD

Nutrifix 2.0 | Nourishing Clear Mascara - Ideal for Chemically Treated Lashes and Brows

30.00 CAD

Reusable Lash Lift Compensators

14.00 CAD

Reusable Sticky Silicone Lash Lift Patches

17.00 CAD

NVQ Lash Lift Club

660.00 CAD

Pre-cut Lash Lift Eyelid Tape

9.00 CAD

Sticky Syringe 2.0™ 5ml Reusable - For Lash Lift Glue | Sticky Adhesive

25.00 CAD

Hydracil Infinite 15ml: The Ultimate Hydrating Booster for Eye Contour, Lashes, and Brow

77.00 CAD

Mini Lash Lift Glass Jars

8.00 CAD