Novoqueen Pro

A success story


N atural: Novoqueen promotes authentic natural beauty.

V isionary: Always creating innovative, eco-friendly, and vegan products, while providing online educational training.

Q uality: Novoqueen is not just a reflection of my soul, but also a reflection of your natural beauty.

NVQ MISSION: Our mission is to empower women to find fulfillment within themselves while making a meaningful impact on the lives of others. Through crafting a life that authentically reflects their identity, every woman has the potential to create positive ripples, lifting the spirits of those around them.

NVQ VISION: Contributing to the fulfillment of all women.

All products are vegan, cruelty-free and eco-conscious.

  • Certified vegan and cruelty-free Leaping Bunny
  • Green Circle eco-responsible certification
  • Recognized Revenue Quebec
  • Recognized by insurance
  • Recognized by APESEQ (Association of professionals in electrolysis and aesthetic care of Quebec
  • Health Canada: All our cosmetic products are declared and strictly follow the standards


Marjorie Langis

Marjorie is the founder of Novoqueen Pro University and Studio, Canadian Champion in LashLift, holder of a Bachelor's Degree in Management and Business Technology, and an esthetician.

She is also the winner of the DOBSON BUSINESS COMPETITION and the LEAGUE OF LASH MASTERS, PRAGUE, and has over 20 certificates in eyelash and eyebrow treatments from international masters.

After experiencing several bad experiences, Marjorie decided to go beyond industry standards by providing visionary and environmentally conscious education.

She is a force for empowerment and a catalyst for transformation that goes beyond lashes. She is the mastermind behind Marjorie Queen Mentor, which offers masterclasses dedicated to elevating women so they can lead themselves with authenticity and reach their potential with unique and innovative courses to help them become successful leaders in their industry.

Her philosophy focuses on leadership, personal growth, and embracing the journey. Marjorie is a skilled conductor of possibilities through celebrations and abundance. Empowerment is a collective resonance that echoes among us women.

Marjorie understands this and shapes legacies, not just lashes. Her expertise instills unwavering confidence, determination, and resilience in her students, creating a profound impact.

For further insights and inspiration on Marjorie Queen Mentor, along with her lash lift expertise, explore her Instagram pages @marjoriequeenmentor @novoqueenpro

May you rise, my Queen!

Our best sellers

Hydracil | Organic Deep Hydrating Booster for Eyelashes and Eyebrows 5ml

33.00 CAD

TRIO | Sticky + STRONG Perm + Fix Vegan Lash Lift Lotions Resealable Pouches

97.00 CAD100.00 CAD

Vegan Lash Lift Kit™ | Basic Kit

128.00 CAD150.00 CAD

Pain-Free Gel Tape | Comfortable and Versatile Adhesive for Lash Lifts and Eyelash Extensions

6.00 CAD