Free shipping for orders of $200 or more before taxes!

What are the delivery times for international shipments?

With UPS Express Saver: Between 3 and 4 business days.

What are the shipping fees?

The shipping fees amount to 30$ CAD (approximately 20 EUROS).

If your purchase exceeds 300$ CAD, delivery is free.

About customs fees: International shipments are subject to the customs of the destination country. Customs fees are assessed based on the value of the items and are determined by the laws in place. These fees may include taxes or duties.

Tips to avoid surprises: We recommend checking the customs regulations of your country to understand the thresholds where duties or taxes may apply. This step can help you anticipate and understand any potential fees associated with the delivery of your order.

Please note that our policy does not permit refunds for packages that have been confirmed as successfully delivered by UPS following their thorough investigation process.