Compensateurs pour Lash Lift Réutilisables
Reusable Lash Lift Compensators
Reusable Lash Lift Compensators
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Reusable Lash Lift Compensators

14.00 CAD

Introducing Novoqueen Reusable Lash Lift Silicone Covers

Enhance your lash lift results with our Lash Lift Covers. They equalize the curl, leading to extraordinary results your clients will love.


  • Minimizing the evaporation of the solution
  • Maximizing the penetration of the solution
  • Stabilizing the chemical reaction
  • Securing the solution's position
  • Acting as a balancer to alleviate root tension
  • Assisting in the identification of lashes that may need re-adjustment

Each pack includes 7 sets of covers for each stage of the lash lift process:

  1. During Perm step: It prevents lashes to unstick and fall, solution evaporation and stabilizes the chemical process during the perming stage.
  2. During Fix step: It maintains root tension,  prevents evaporation and simplifies lash re-positioning during the fixing stage.
  3. During the tint: The third set ensures even tint distribution and stops seepage into the waterline during tinting, ensuring client comfort.

Our Lash Lift Covers stand out for their high-quality silicone construction. Soft, flexible, and easy to use, they fit perfectly atop Universal Glueless silicone pads.

These covers are adaptable to any lash lift shields on the market. Pair them with your favorite shields for the best results.

Each pack includes 7 pairs of covers. For professional use only.

  • Colors may vary. Transparant and black colors are always included


To watch video: Click here

Place gently over the lotions. Do not press too hard on it since it will move the lotions appart.

After each use immediately clean and disinfect them.