Pre-cut Lash Lift Eyelid Tape
Pre-cut Lash Lift Eyelid Tape
Pre-cut Lash Lift Eyelid Tape
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Pre-cut Lash Lift Eyelid Tape

9.00 CAD

Introducing Eyelid Tape for Lash Extensions and Lash Lifts

An unexpected tool that will revolutionize your lash procedures.

The NVQ Eyelid Tape is not your average tape; it addresses the minor issues that arise when perfecting lash application.

This is an eyelid tape that serves as an alternative to gel tape, providing better lash access prior to a lash lift.

Initially designed for hooded eyes and monolids, it has quickly gained popularity among lash experts, making lash application smoother and more precise.

Here's how it works: The tape lifts your eyelid skin, enhancing visibility of the lashes and making lash line detailing more effective. It adheres well yet removes easily without pulling or tugging at the hair, even when applied on the eyebrows. Its horizontal application capability makes it ideal for simultaneous lash lifting and brow lamination. Unlike standard lash tapes that require cutting, our eyelid tape strips are pre-cut to the optimal size, saving you time and facilitating access to those challenging inner and outer lash corners.

Each strip measures 2.4mm x 24mm.



  • Ideal for managing downward-growing lashes
  • Excellent stickiness & can be repositioned repeatedly
  • Assists in keeping eyes shut to avoid chemical burns
  • Adaptable and safe for all skin types



1. Grab that sterilized isolation tweezer and gently lift one end of the eyelid tape off its plastic base.

2. Don't touch the tape with your fingers. Stick one end of the tape on the part of your eyelid that you want to move, hold it down with your fingertip or another pair of tweezers, and carefully pull your eyelid sideways or upwards.

3. Stick the other end of the tape down, keeping your eyelid in the spot you like.

4. When you're ready to take it off: use the tweezers or a microbrush to gently grab the end of the tape and slowly lift it off your skin.