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Bouteille vide multifonction pour rinçage et préparation de cils - Idéale pour lash lift et extensions de cils | Multifunctional empty bottle for lash rinse and lash preparation - Ideal for lash lift and eyelash extensions
  • SKU: E06

Empty Lash Lift Bottle for Rinsing and Priming Eyelashes

7.00 CAD

Empty Lash Lift Bottle for Rinsing and Priming

A Practical and Hygienic Solution for Beauty Professionals

Looking for a convenient and hygienic solution for various beauty treatment steps? Look no further than our empty lash lift bottles. Designed specifically for professionals, these bottles offer practicality and hygiene in every procedure.


Convenient and Hygienic Design

Our empty lash lift bottles are thoughtfully designed to cater to different treatment stages. Whether you need to rinse shampoos before a lash lift with distilled water, prepare lashes for eyelash extensions by opening the cuticles, or wipe microbladed eyebrows with distilled water, these bottles have got you covered.


Promote a Clean Working Environment

Each bottle is tailored for specific uses, ensuring a clean and sterile working environment. With our empty lash lift bottles, you can maintain a high level of hygiene during your beauty procedures, providing peace of mind for both you and your clients.


The Perfect Accessory for Beauty Professionals

Our empty lash lift bottles are the ultimate accessory for all beauty professionals. Their practical functionality and contribution to hygiene make them an essential choice for optimizing your workflow and delivering quality treatments to your clients.

Invest in these empty lash lift bottles and elevate your beauty services to new heights of professionalism and excellence!