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Crème de dépose pour extensions de cils - Élimination douce, efficace, rapide et sécuritaire des extensions de cils | Eyelash Extension Removal Cream - Gentle, Effective, Fast, and Safe Eyelash Extension Removal
Dissolvant pour extensions de cils en crème - Dissolvant doux, efficace, rapide et sécuritaire des extensions de cils | Cream Eyelash Extension Remover - Gentle, Effective, Fast, and Safe Eyelash Extension Remover
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Eyelash Extension Remover Cream | Easy and Precise Removal (10ml)

25.00 CAD

Discover the Easy and Precise Lash Extension Remover Cream

The Simplest Way to Remove Eyelash Extensions

Are you in search of the easiest method to remove your eyelash extensions? Look no further than our lash extension remover cream!


Effortless and Effective Extension Removal

Our remover cream provides an easy and efficient solution for removing your extensions without the risk of burning or harming your clients' eyes. It ensures precise and gentle removal, guaranteeing a comfortable experience.


Precise and Non-Dripping Cream Formula

Our remover cream formula is specially designed for precise application, eliminating the risk of shifting or dripping during the extension removal process. You can work with confidence, delivering optimal results.


No 48-Hour Waiting Period

Our remover cream does not require a 48-hour waiting period before the next application. You can schedule back-to-back sessions, providing more flexibility to your clients.

Order our remover cream now for an easy, precise, and comfortable eyelash extension removal experience for your clients!

Achieve professional results and ensure customer satisfaction.


      Proper application technique in 8 easy steps:

      1. Isolate lower lashes with aloe patches.
      2. Advise client to keep eyes closed at all times.
      3. Apply the cream to the base of the eyelashes and extensions without touching the eyelid line.
      4. Let stand for 10 minutes.
      5. Gently remove extensions with 2 fiberless applicators. Never pull the natural eyelashes, let the product work on the glue residue to make the eyelash extensions slide.
      6. Thoroughly wipe off any residue of solvent cream and glue.
      7. Make a double eyelash shampoo.
      8. Proceed immediately to the new complete installation if desired!
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