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Lots de 10 embouts de remplacement pour mascara - embouts de silicone réutilisables et désinfectables - Parfaits pour les lash lift, les extensions de cils et sourcils - Manche à Mascara NovoBrush Réutilisable en Or - innovation écologique | Set of 10 replacement silicone tips for mascara - reusable and disinfectable tips - Perfect for lashlifts, eyelash extensions and eyebrow extensions - Reusable Gold Mascara Wand NovoBrush
Lots de 10 embouts de remplacement en Silicone pour mascara - Parfaits pour les lash lift, les extensions de cils et sourcils, innovation écologique | Set of 10 Silicone replacement tips for mascara - Perfect for lash lifts, eyelash and eyebrow extensions, ecological innovation
Brosse pour extension de cils et lash lift NovoBrush réutilisable avec Manche en Or - Démonstration de Changement des Embouts Mascara en Silicone et Embouts Applicateurs Sans Fibre et Conseils de Stockage pour une Utilisation Hygiénique | Eyelash extensions reusable Brush with Gold Handle - Demonstration of Changing Silicone Mascara Tips and Fiber-Free Applicator Tips and Storage Tips for Hygienic Use
Pamphlet La Gamme Novo Eco - Des Outils Désinfectables et Réutilisables Pour les Techs de Cils - Patch Silicone, Embouts Brosse à Mascara en Silicone, Embouts Applicateurs Interchangeables sans Fibre | Novo Eco brand flyer - Disinfectable and reusable tools for eyelash technicians - Silicone Patches, Silicone Mascara Brush Tips, Interchangeable Fiber-Free Applicator Tips
Programme de Recyclage NovoEco - Marque Écologique pour les Techniciennes de Cils -Aidez à Préserver la Planète avec NovoEco | NovoEco Recycling Program - Eco-Friendly Brand for Lash Technicians - Help Preserve the Planet with NovoEco
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Reusable Silicone Replacement Tips for Novobrush™ Mascara (10x)

9.00 CAD

Reusable Replacement Tips for NVQ's Novobrush Mascara - Eco-Innovation for Your Lashes

Introducing NVQ's eco-innovative solution for your lashes - Reusable Silicone Replacement Tips for Novobrush Mascara!

These reusable and disinfectable silicone tips are designed to be used in conjunction with the Novobrush handle (sold separately).


Reduce Lash Service Waste by 80%

By using the reusable silicone replacement tips along with the Novobrush™, you can reduce lash service waste by an impressive 80%. Take care of your lashes while preserving our planet, making an eco-conscious choice.


Save on Mascara Brush Consumption

Not only are these replacement tips eco-friendly, but they also help you save on mascara brush consumption. Say goodbye to disposable brushes and embrace a more sustainable option.


A Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Disposable Brushes

With their durable and practical design, these reusable replacement tips provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional disposable brushes. Invest in quality and sustainability without compromising on performance.

Choose the innovative and environmentally-friendly solution for your lashes with NVQ's Reusable Replacement Tips for Novobrush Mascara!

Elevate your lash services, reduce waste, and contribute to a greener future. Order now and experience the difference.