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Sachet Perm - Lotion Lash Lift dans un sachet en or refermable - Obtenez des cils magnifiquement recourbés avec cette lotion de permanente de qualité supérieure. Le Sachet refermable dorée garantit une utilisation pratique et permet de conserver la lotion en toute sécurité
Sachet refermable dorée avec lotion de permanente pour lash lift vegan de qualité supérieure. Découvrez la texture et la consistance de la lotion qui s'écoule du sachet
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PERM 1 | Resealable Lash Lift Lotion Pouch (1x10ml)

40.00 CAD

Discover PERM 1 Pouch: The Essential for Perfectly Curled Lashes! Now Providing 30% More Lotion For The Same Price!

Preserve Optimal Freshness with our Innovative Packaging

Experience the ultimate preservation with our innovative resealable pouch packaging. Your product remains perfectly preserved and ready for use at any moment, ensuring optimal performance.


Save Time with our PERM 1, FIX 2, and Tint Combination

Maximize your time by combining PERM 1 with our FIX 2 and lash tint. Unlock the power of this groundbreaking trio and save 10 minutes per session with our brand-new method.


Impeccable Results with our Revolutionary Solution

Experience a revolutionary solution that delivers impeccable results quickly. Elevate your lash game and achieve stunningly curled lashes that captivate.


Exceptional Durability with our High-Quality Formula

Benefit from exceptional durability with our high-quality formula. PERM 1 is specially formulated to withstand daily wear, ensuring long-lasting and beautifully curled lashes that stand out.

Precise and Controlled Application with our Resealable Needle Tip

Our innovative resealable needle tip provides precise and controlled application, minimizing potential wastage. Enjoy effortless application and achieve the perfect curl with every use.


Commitment to Your Well-being and the Environment

We deeply care about your well-being and the environment. Our product is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and free from parabens and formaldehyde. Additionally, our containers are recyclable, reflecting our dedication to an eco-conscious approach.


Get More Information with our FAQ Page

For any additional information or inquiries, please visit our FAQ page. We have compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to address all your concerns.


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Expand your knowledge and skills with our online training for Vegan Lash Lift 2.0. Take your expertise to new heights and become a master in the art of vegan lash lifts.

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Take the leap and embrace the power of PERM 1 Pouch. Elevate your lash lifts, deliver stunning results, and empower your clients with beautifully curled lashes. Order now and embark on a transformative journey towards lash perfection.



Vegan lash lift for up to 35 clients

  • Ends: 5 minutes
  • Normal: 6 minutes
  • Strong: 7-8 minutes

Brow Lift Vegan for up to 15 clients

  • Ends: 3 minutes
  • Normal: 4 minutes
  • Strong: 5-6 minutes
* 5-8 minutes is a general guideline. It is possible to take more time if you feel like it.

What are the new resealable pouches?

  • I changed the packaging of pump lotions to sachets that are resealable with a mini needle tip as a stopper.
  • Made of a double aluminum material, more occlusive than other packaging and therefore less direct contact with air.

What is the difference between resealable pouches and pumps?

  • You can do the action of the Fix and the tint at the same time (thus saving 10 minutes per Lash Lift Vegan appointment).
  • Resealable bags: 1 year after purchase / 6 months after opening
  • Pumps: 6 months after purchase
    • *After expiration, the action of lotions is less strong and more action time is needed.
    • *Same action time as pumps and resealable sachets (5 to 8 min)
    • *Same quantity of 7ml

How to use the Fix and the tint at the same time?

  • After wiping off the Perm 1, mix the Fix 2 lotion with the dye (1:1) half/half (no need for the Oxidant).
  • Apply Fix 1 from the base of the eyelashes to the tip as with the usual tinting step.
    • *This technique is feasible with the new resealable bags only. Not the pumps.

Can Fix 2 burn the eyelashes if I apply it to the tips of the eyelashes?

  • No, Fix 2 with tint only acts on the area that received Perm 1 for the curve and for the rest of the lashes, it acts as a tint oxidant.

Time for Perm 1 and Fix 2?

  • The duration remains the same as with the push-ups: 5 to 8 minutes (Perm 1 and Fix 2)

Expiry date of the resealable sachets?

  • 1 year after purchase / 6 months after opening

How long should I take for the Fix with the dye?

  • Same duration as Perm 1.
    • *Possible to put 2 minutes more in action time than Perm 1 to ensure a more intense black dye. Ex. for blondes

How to avoid wasting lotion?

  • With the new resealable sachets, you can take the exact amount for your client and the next without wasting lotion like individual sachets.
  • Resealable pouches are more flexible than pumps. So it's easier for you to use up all of your resealable bags.

How to have more stable lifts?

  • Thanks to the needle tip of the resealable pouches, there is almost no direct contact with direct air like the already opened individual pouches.
  • The shelf life of the product is longer and more stable than with individual sachets that have already been opened or with pumps.
  • Resealable bags: 1 year after purchase / 6 months after opening
  • Pumps: 6 months after purchase

What is the QR code used for?

  • I added a QR code to the back of the resealable pouches so you have access to the Vegan Lash Lift and Brow Lift protocol (English and French) at all times.

Can I use it for Brow Lift Vegan?

  • Yes, please see the protocol in the QR code on the back of the resealable bags.

If I use a brand other than Refectocil?

  • I only tested with the Refectocil brand. The function should work with all ranges.