PermProtect 1 ml, Protecteur de Cils dans une seringue en verre et Or et une petite pointe d'aiguille - à Utiliser Pendant la Permanente des Cils, mélangé dans la Solution de Permanente
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PermProtect - Lash Lift & Brow Lift Protector

33.00 CAD

Protect Your Lashes and Brows with PermProtect - The Must-Have Innovation for Lash Lift

Essential Protection for Lash Lift

PermProtect is the first innovation in the lash and brow industry, providing optimal protection during the lash lift process.


Up to 50 Protected Applications

With PermProtect, you can enjoy up to 50 protected applications, ensuring the safety of your lashes and brows with each use.


Inspired by the Hair Bleach Industry

PermProtect draws inspiration from the hair bleach industry, utilizing years of research and available data for cutting-edge technology.


Easy-to-Use with Explanatory Videos

Simply mix PermProtect with the perm solution and apply as usual. The packaging includes a QR code with explanatory videos in both French and English.


Get the Desired Look Safely

Protect your lashes and brows while achieving the desired look with PermProtect, the ultimate protection during a perm.


Want to know how to use the PermProtect? : Watch here 


Usage Instructions: Mix with Perm Solution and Apply as Usual

Use PermProtect by mixing it with the perm solution and applying it in the usual manner for safe and satisfying results.


Included: QR Code with Explanatory Videos (FR & EN) on the Packaging

Find a QR code included in the packaging that gives you access to explanatory videos in both French and English, guiding you through the use of PermProtect.