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Pinceau Professionnel pour Lash Lift I, une Outil de Lash Lift pour Séparer les Cils Parfaitement
  • SKU: L17

Professional I Brush | Lash Lift Tool for Perfectly Separated Lashes

7.00 CAD 10.00 CAD

Get a Professional Lash Lift and Perfectly Separated Lashes with the I Brush

Designed for quick and efficient use during a Vegan Lash Lift, this professional brush is an essential tool for lash artists.


Precise Separation of Natural Lashes for an Elegant and Natural Look

The I Brush allows for precise separation of natural lashes during a lash lift, delivering an elegant and natural result.


100% Eco-Friendly and Disinfectable

This brush is environmentally friendly and can be disinfected to ensure hygienic use.


Easy to Use and Clean

The I Brush is easy to use and clean, making it a convenient choice for lash artists.

Buy the I Brush now and offer your clients a stunning and natural-looking gaze.