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I understand your concerns about wanting to provide the best for your clients.

I share the same passion.

It took me years to learn/test/fail/try again/develop and finally take months to film all my experience and transmit it to you through online training.

There are so many factors that affect the curve, it can't be explained in a few written exchanges, which is why I created advanced online training.


Even though I am a trainer, I will always be a student first, to then share it with you, and of course at a cost. Continuing education is the key to your success.

I really appreciate your trust in Novoqueen Pro products.


I recommend watching my Live on Instagram and Facebook for more education. For example, Why your lift didn't take (FR):


I give a lot of key factors but of course the most important is in the online training with zoomed-in videos for the technique.


Just to do a quick revision:


#1 Processing time


5-8 minutes is the general time. Yes, it is possible to leave it for more than 10-12 minutes if you feel the need.


Anecdote: Marjorie had a special case of a regular customer who asked for 12 minutes and her lashes stayed healthy. She had tree trunks instead of lashes haha ;)


#2 Other factors


If you feel that you still need 10-12 min (even for thin lashes), then it is possible that other factors come into play such as the thickness of the sticky, the placement of the silicones, the placement of the lashes on the silicone, and more. These are factors and topics that require a more in-depth study than a few messages and that is why Marjorie launched the Vegan Lash Lift Online Training.

The new version Lash Lift 2.0 is quite impressive, the evolution and discoveries in our industry are crazy.


#3 Is it possible to check before applying the Fix if the perm has worked enough?


Yes, Marjorie shows you how in the new online Lash Lift 2.0 training ;)


Marjorie also did a live that gives information and a password to have a free excerpt of the new training on the fix+tint technique. The factors are explained in depth in the online training 🤍


Examples of topics in the Vegan Lash Lift 2.0 training:


  • How to guarantee the curve?
  • How to know if your lotions are still good?
  •  How to use Sticky Adhesive to the last drop?
  • How to charge your price?


Bonus: Unlift Training: How to fix over-curled lashes? (Value $333)


*My team and I do not educate by email/messenger."


The first step in learning is the online training course Lash Lift Vegan 2.0.


Examples of topics covered in the Vegan Lash Lift 2.0 training include:


  • How to guarantee the perfect curve from a lash lift
  • How to know if your lotions are still good
  • How to use sticky adhesive to the last drop
  • How to price your services
  • Bonus: Unlift training - How to fix overly curved lashes (Valued at $333)


Private advanced training sessions with Marjorie in Montreal are reserved for students of the online Lash Lift Vegan 2.0 course, at a cost of $200/hour.



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Novoqueen Pro products are not tested on animals and no ingredient is of animal origin. We even have a certification.

There are no samples, but I offer a satisfaction guarantee return policy.

I've replaced the pump lotion packaging with resealable pouches featuring a mini needle tip as an air stopper.

These pouches are made of double-layered aluminum material, which provides better occlusion compared to other types of packaging and reduces direct contact with air.


You can do the processing of the Fix and the tint at the same time (thus saving 10 minutes per Lash Lift Vegan appointment).

Resealable pouches: 1 year after purchase / 6 months after opening

Individual pouches: 1 year after purchase / 24 hours after opening

Pumps: 6 months after purchase

*After expiration, the action of lotions is less strong and more action time is needed.

*Same processing time as pumps and resealable pouches (5 to 8 min)

*Same quantity of 7ml



After wiping off the Perm 1, mix the Fix 2 lotion with the dye (1:1) half/half (no need for the Oxidant).

Apply Fix 1 from the base of the eyelashes to the tip as with the usual tinting step.

*This technique is feasible with the new resealable bags only. Not the pumps.


No, Fix 2 with tint only acts on the area that received Perm 1 for the curve and for the rest of the lashes, it acts as a tint oxidant.

The duration remains the same as with the lifts: 5 to 8 minutes (Perm 1 and Fix 2).

1 year after purchase / 6 months after opening

Same duration as Perm 1.

*Possible to put 2 minutes more in processing time than Perm 1 to ensure a more intense black tint. Ex. for blondes

With the new resealable pouches, you can take the exact amount for your client and the next without wasting lotion like individual pouches.

Resealable pouches are more flexible than pumps. So it's easier for you to use up all of your resealable bags.


Thanks to the needle tip of the fix & perm resealable pouches, there is almost no direct contact with air like the already opened individual pouches.

The shelf life of the product is longer and more stable than with individual pouches that have already been opened or with pumps.

Resealable pouches: 1 year after purchase / 6 months after opening

Individual pouches: 1 year after purchase / 24 hours after opening

Pumps: 6 months after purchase


I added a QR code to the back of the resealable pouches so you have access to the Vegan Lash Lift and Brow Lift protocol (English and French) at all times.

Yes, please see the protocol in the QR code on the back of the Fix & Perm resealable pouches.

I cannot guarantee the results as I have only tested it with the Refectocil brand. However, the function should work with all brands.