Unveiling the Lash Lift Training Evolution: The Reason Behind My Lash Lift Vegan 1.0 Training Makeover

by Team Novoqueen on September 18, 2023

How I Started My Lash Lift Business With Zero Dollars, Clients, Followers, or Reputation in My Parents Basement

Becoming a Canadian Lash Lift champion and a lash lift industry influencer is evidence of how perseverance and a willingness to learn can lead to great success.

This led me to want to share with you the lessons of my highs and lows through trial and error with different techniques and products, so you can quantum leap to success effortlessly.

After creating the Lash Lift Vegan 1.0 and successfully training over 500 students, I am now excited to offer you all my tips through my new revolutionary Lash Lift Vegan 2.0 training that will help you grow and thrive with ease in which I am so proud to have shared my expertise with over a thousand lash lift Queens and run a successful 7-figure vegan lash lift product line.

Lash Lift Vegan 2.0 Unleashed with a “Breaking the Rules” Approach.

In the ever-evolving lash industry, change is inevitable, and it's important to be adaptable. That's why the Lash Lift Vegan 2.0 training goes beyond just teaching techniques and products. It focuses on developing the leader in you - a foundation that will help you overcome unexpected challenges. This training teaches you the art of self-leadership, a skill that will guide you through the twists and turns of the lash lifting industry.

You'll learn how I adapted different techniques and bent the rules in the lash lift industry. These insights will help you improve and gain a deeper understanding of the lash lifting process from A to Z.

The Reason Behind My Lash Lift Vegan 1.0 Training Makeover

Because everything has changed, and everything has been optimized.

Here are some examples of the topics you will learn in Lash Lift Vegan 2.0:

  • How much to charge and how to attract amazing clients?
  • What factors influence the processing time of the lash lift lotions?
  • How to choose the right lash lifting silicone pad for your client?
  • What factors influence the curve of the lashes?
  • How to properly use our Lash Lift Vegan products?
  • How to have better access to the upper eyelashes and protect the lower eyelashes?
  • How to correct eyelid eyelashes? Two techniques
  • NEW Option #1: How to apply the universal cushions, lift the lashes with the new brush, and start the sequential technique?
  • (NEW) How to apply the universal lash lift silicone pads without Sticky Adhesive lash lift glue
  • How to apply Perm 1 straight and effectively?
  • How to guarantee the lash lift curve?
  • How to remove residue effectively?
  • What to do if one eye is more curved than the other?
  • What to do if the lash lift curve didn’t work?
  • What to do when the client has tears?
  • How can I reduce the risk of my client coming back for her lash lift with hooks on the tips?
  • (NEW) How do I remove hooked lash tips during a lash lift?

BONUS FREE UNLIFT Masterclass: How to Fix Overly Curled or Chemically Burnt Eyelashes (value $333)

And there's so much more, Queen...

Stand Out With Vegan and Ecological Values For Your Clients

In addition, by using our unique brand of vegan products and eco-friendly techniques, not only are you helping the environment, but you are also adding value to your brand.

So, are you ready? Because your lash lifting journey is about to transform in ways you can't even imagine, my Queen.

I welcome you to our community of strong women who are making a difference in the lash industry!

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Explore Our Inspiring Queen Testimonials!

Don't miss out on the incredible stories shared by our Queens who have completed the training! Just click this link: Vegan Lash Lift 2.0 Testimonials.

Stay tuned for more exciting blogs, Queen! Meanwhile, I encourage you to dive into our latest blog post about the exclusive UNLIFT 2.0 Masterclass. In this article, I provide a sneak peek into the 13 causes and preventive measures to ensure your lashes stay safe and stunning during a lash lift – no burning, damage, or over-curling.

It's a must-read! Access it here: The UNLIFT 2.0 Masterclass.

To secure your spot for the online training, register by clicking this link: Lash Lift Training and join the community of extraordinary Queens with the Lash Lift Vegan 2.0!

Thank you for being here, and I can't wait to see you inside the training!

If you have any ideas for our future blog posts, feel free to share them in the comments. Your input is valuable to us, and we want to make sure we provide you with the content you enjoy. So, share your ideas, and we'll do our best to bring them to life. Thank you for helping us make our blog even better for you! 😉

May you rise, my Queen.

Marjorie xxx


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