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What Are The 13 Causes and Prevention Measures To Avoid Burning, Damaging or Over-Curling Lashes During a Lash Lift? : The UNLIFT 2.0 Masterclass

by Marjorie L Langis on April 08, 2023

Are you looking to improve your lash lift skills?

If so, you've come to the right place, Queen!

I've created a new version of the UNLIFT Masterclass, which is even more comprehensive and in-depth than the previous one.

First off, for the queens out there who don't know what the UNLIFT is:

It's a technique to uncurl a lash lift treatment that is overly-curled or has suffered a chemical burn that results in the lashes zigzaging everywhere.

This can happen to your own clients or in some other cases you can even be the one who saves the damaged lashes of other clients that have had a bad lash lift.

What Are The Biggest Causes Of a Lash Lift Gone Wrong?


The first cause I personally discovered was wanting to please my client and redoing their lash lift too quickly, which means after 3 weeks instead of a minimum of 4-6 weeks.


The lack of knowledge of the new techniques available in continuing education of lash lift training is the biggest cause of a lash lift gone wrong. That's why the UNLIFT Masterclass focuses on acquiring the knowledge needed to prevent burning, damaging or overly-curling lashes with the UNLIFT techniques.


It’s crucial to understand the importance of lash lift maintenance when a client gets a lash lift. The lashes have just undergone a treatment that is somewhat similar to "bleach" from a hairdresser.

This is why you absolutely need lash lift aftercare products to avoid burnt eyelashes and to educate your clients about how to maintain their lashes to keep them healthy and looking beautiful.

No, castor oil for lashes is not enough.

Always think of it like this, it’s a little bit similar to getting your hair "bleached," at the hairdressers.

So, following your after-care product recommendations is key to preventing your lashes from burning and having them look silkier and healthier af 24/7.

Yes Queen!!!

That's why I developed amazing lash care products that intensely hydrates and nourishes, called Hydracil and Richbrow for that double-action deep hydration and nourishment that we love so much.

I learned from personal experience and from the insane feedback from my regular clients that the HYDRACIL and RICHBROW products drastically improved the health, length and overall look of their natural lashes.

Cost Of The UNLIFT Lash Repair?

If it's your client, you should do the UNLIFT for free to build loyalty and trust which will inevitably pay off 10x more in the long run.

If it's a client from elsewhere, I recommend charging the same price as your lash lift plus the price of your Hydracil and RichBrow lash care products.

So you don't have to sell lash care, it's already included 😉

How long does an UNLIFT lash repair take?

The appointment should take you 50% less time since you don't have to do any lash placement on the shield.

The difference between UNLIFT Masterclass 1 and the new UNLIFT Masterclass 2.0

My UNLIFT Masterclass 1 was a success and had six causes and prevention measures, and now the UNLIFT Masterclass 2 has 13!

Yes, Queen, THIRTEEN causes and prevention measures.

Why thirteen instead of six?

Because within two, three years, the lash lift industry has evolved so much, and I've made a lot of discoveries, Queen.

What's included in UNLIFT Masterclass 2.0?

  • Thirteen causes and prevention measures
  • Two UNLIFT techniques
  • One year access of online training


  • Videos of two models to help you recognize over processed and over curled lashes
  • Tips to prevent crooked lashes
  • (NEW 2022) My experience with a new burn only in the inner corner lashes and how I solved the situation immediately.
  • (NEW 2022) How to talk to your client in case of an emergency.

What's not included in The UNLIFT Masterclass 2.0

Note that there is no certification or manual for UNLIFT Masterclass 2.0.

The training aims to teach you how to prevent and confidently handle emergency situations related to damaged lashes, over processed and overly-curled lashes from a lash lift.

Why choose The UNLIFT Masterclass 2.0?

As a lash lift technician, this is truly a must-have training to add under your belt.

The training will give you a confidence boost to master both UNLIFT techniques AND you'll understand the causes and preventive measures, which will also allow you to inform your clients.

PLUS, you'll have access to the online training for a year to review the videos as many times as you want.

Benefits of UNLIFT Masterclass 2.0

There are numerous benefits; not only will you know how to react in case of a problem, but you'll learn how to prevent these situations.

You will stand out by having advanced knowledge about the risks of a lash lift and how to fix a lash lift gone wrong.

You will have the opportunity to receive clients from elsewhere by literally saving their lashes with the UNLIFT techniques.

It's also important to consider the long-term impact on your reputation if one dissatisfied client decides to share their unpleasant experience to a bunch of people.

Therefore, with this Masterclass you will learn everything you need to know to avoid losing your own client in case of a lash lift gone wrong.

Trust me, Queen, you don't ever want to lose a client’s trust.

The cost of Masterclass 2.0

My goal in creating this training is to provide a gift to the industry at a truly reasonable price.

That's why I am offering the Masterclass for a total of $333 taxes included.

For the queens who have already registered for the Vegan Lash Lift 2.0 training at $555, the UNLIFT Masterclass is included for free (Value of $333)!


Let's go, Queen!

To register, click the link ⬇️


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Thank you so much for being here, Queen, and I hope to see you in the UNLIFT Masterclass 2.0 🤍

May you rise, my queen!


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