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Lot de 50 brosses mascara jetables - Idéales pour le lifting de cils, les extensions de cils et les sourcils - Entretien Lash Lift et Extensions de Cils | Pack of 50 disposable mascara brushes - Ideal for lash lift, eyelash extensions, and brow brushing - Lash Lift and Eyelash Extensions Maintenance
  • SKU: E05

Disposable Mascara Brush for Lashes | Pack of 50

5.60 CAD 8.00 CAD

Disposable Mascara Brushes (50x) - Lash Lift and Eyelash Extension Maintenance

Looking for flawless lashes?

Our disposable mascara brushes are perfect for maintaining your lash lift and eyelash extensions, ensuring flawless lashes at all times!

Keep your lashes in perfect condition with our disposable mascara brushes. Use them regularly to keep your lashes straight and well-placed, achieving an impeccable look day after day.


The Best Eco-Friendly Option Available

For environmentally-conscious clients, we also offer an eco-friendly version of our mascara brushes - the reusable, disinfectable, and eco-friendly NovoBrush.

By choosing the NovoBrush, you contribute to reducing plastic waste while achieving professional results.

Daily use recommended

We recommend daily use of our disposable mascara brushes to maintain your lashes in perfect condition. This maintenance routine will keep your lashes straight, well-placed, and always flawless.

Choose our disposable mascara brushes for easy and effective maintenance of your lash lift and eyelash extensions.

Order now and enjoy flawless lashes at all times!