Trousse Écologique de Base NovoEco - Ensemble de 3 Brosses à Mascara avec Embout en Silicone Interchangeables, 100 Applicateurs sans Fibres, Patch en Silicone Réutilisable pour lash lift et extensions de cils
Pamphlet d'information NovoPatch - Patch Blanche en Silicone Écologique - Nouvelle Génération, Réutilisable et Désinfectable pour le Rehaussement de Cils et Extensions de Cils
Pamphlet La Gamme Novo Eco - Des Outils Désinfectables et Réutilisables Pour les Techs de Cils - Patch Silicone, Embouts Brosse à Mascara en Silicone, Embouts Applicateurs Interchangeables sans Fibre
Programme de Recyclage NovoEco - Marque Écologique pour les Techniciennes de Cils -Aidez à Préserver la Planète avec NovoEco
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NovoEco™ Kit - Basic

99.00 CAD 115.00 CAD


Transform your lash service with the NovoEco™ Basic Kit - NVQ's Eco-Innovation

The NVQ NovoEco kit is an innovative and eco-friendly solution that allows you to take an environmentally friendly approach to your lash technician business. By reducing up to 80% of waste, you can protect the environment during lash services.

The Basic Kit for Eco-Responsible Practice

The basic kit (valued at $115) contains all the essential tools for environmentally conscious technicians. With this kit, you can use reusable lash brushes, brow brushes, shaping tools, as well as reusable containers for Vegan Lash Lift lotions and microblading pigments.

The NovoEco Basic kit includes:

  • 1 Novopatch™ (reusable and disinfectable silicone patch)
  • 3 Novobrush™ (with 1 reusable and disinfectable silicone mascara brush by Novobrush™)
  • 1 Novotip™ (100 interchangeable applicators)

By using the NovoEco kit, you can offer your clients a quality service while respecting the environment. 

Make an Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective Choice By choosing the NVQ NovoEco Kit, you'll make an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice.

Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint, but you'll also save money by not constantly having to repurchase disposable supplies!

The Novobrush™ with its accessories

The 4 uses of the Novobrush™:

  1. To brush client's lashes with reusable silicone mascara brush tip (Included with Novobrush™).
  2. To apply lotions with the Novomicro™ micro brush tip
  3. For wiping off lotions with Novotip™ fiberless applicator tip
  4. Resale to the customer, because the mascara tip is resealable in the handle (Suggested resale price $25)