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Crème Oxydant 3% 10 volume RefectoCil pour teinture de cils et sourcils - texture facile à mélanger
  • SKU: L20

Refecto 3% Oxidant Cream

14.00 CAD

Oxydant Crème 3% Refectocil - Creamy Texture for Easy and Safe Application

Professional Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

Achieve successful and professional results with our Oxydant Crème 3% Refectocil.


Creamy Texture for Even Application

The creamy texture of our oxidant makes it easy to apply and ensures uniform coloration.


100ml Tube for Multiple Uses

The 100ml tube allows for multiple applications, offering an economical solution.


For Professional Use Only

Our oxidant is specially designed for beauty professionals. Use it with confidence.


Perfect Blend with Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint

Mix it with our eyelash and eyebrow tint for perfect, long-lasting results.


Enhance Your Tinting Technique

The process is simple and safe, thanks to the creamy texture of the oxydant.


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