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Unlock Your Potential: The Surprising Method to Master 75% of Your Knowledge

by Marjorie L Langis on February 25, 2022

You've completed all the courses and learned all the tricks to perfect your beauty techniques, but are you really ready to provide the best service to your clients?

The answer lies in one word: PRACTICE.

Practice helps reduce those pesky little fears that we all have deep down of not being good enough.

Trust me, I've been there too.

Have you ever wondered, "What if I accidentally burn my client's lashes?"

For me, the real change in perfecting my technique began when I created a practice routine to regularly work on different treatments.

Treatments You Can't Practice 

I know what you're thinking, there are some treatments like the Vegan Lash Lift that you can't practice on before doing them on a client.

My trick is to visualize myself doing all the steps of the treatment beforehand, so I know exactly what to do and when to do it.

This way, if I have any doubts about a technique or timing, I can take the time to find the information without ruining the treatment or hurting my client.

Another trick I love is to watch instructional videos.

These videos allow me to see how experienced professionals work and can guide me on improving my technique or simply confirm what I learned in my courses.

Treatments You Can Practice

For treatments you can practice on, such as lash extensions and microblading, my advice is to practice until you feel ready.

Also, don't just practice for one big day, but practice a little bit every day.

This helps you remember the techniques better.

Real Life Experience

Even today, with all my years of experience, I practice Russian Volume and Microblading a little bit every day.

This way, I don't lose my technique and I even find ways to become more efficient.

Let's Get Practical

It is proven that putting new knowledge into practice is one of the best ways to perfect your learning.

According to a reputable medical university in the United States, if you're trying to acquire new skills, you should focus on practice (Loma Linda University, School of Medicine).

They give the examples of sports and learning a new language.

One of the most effective ways to improve is to practice alone or with others who are already experienced.

A diagram I found on the internet really intrigued me.

It shows the most common forms of learning and their retention rates.

We can see that the best way is to teach others the information we've learned and the second best way is through practice.

So, my love, to become an incredible tech who masters her treatments like me, have fun creating a daily practice routine.

Remember, practice makes perfect!


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