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Lot de 50 applicateurs sans fibre jetables pour lifting de cils - Outils professionnels pour un lash lift parfait et nettoyage des cils et extensions | Set of 50 disposable fiberless applicators for lash lift - Professional tools for a perfect lash lift and cleaning lashes and extensions
  • SKU: E04

Fiber-Free Eyelash Extensions & Lash Lift Applicators (50x)

6.30 CAD 9.00 CAD

Fiber-Free Applicators for Eyelash Extensions & Lash Lift: Must Have for All Beauty Professionals 

Discover our High-Quality Fiber-Free Applicators for Precise and Gentle Application


Precise and Gentle Application

Get precise and gentle application with our high-quality fiber-free applicators. These precision applicators are perfect for gently cleaning the lashes before applying eyelash extensions or performing a lash lift. They ensure accurate and uniform application of Vegan Lash Lift lotions, providing exceptional results.


Soft and Residue-Free Experience

Made with soft and lint-free materials, our applicators provide a pleasant and residue-free working experience on the lashes. Not only do they allow for precise application, but they are also effective for removing lash extensions using the dissolving cream. This versatility makes them an essential tool for beauty professionals.

Must-Have for Beauty Professionals

Our fiber-free applicators are a must-have for beauty professionals. Their superior quality and versatility make them an indispensable choice. Whether you are an experienced lash artist or just starting, these applicators will elevate your eyelash treatments, ensuring exceptional outcomes and client satisfaction.

Reusable and Eco-Conscious

Eco-Friendly Option: Novobrush™ and NovoMicro

In addition to our fiber-free applicators, we offer an eco-friendly option: the Novobrush™ and NovoMicro. By choosing this environmentally friendly option, you can work in an eco-conscious manner without compromising on quality and precision.

The Novobrush™ is a reusable lash brush with fiber-free lash lift applicator tips, allowing you to reduce waste while still benefiting from the exceptional performance of our products.