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Micro-brosses jetables - lot de 100, idéal pour le rehaussement de cils et pour retirer les extensions de cils | Disposable Micro Brushes - Pack of 100, Ideal for Lash Lifts and Eyelash Extension Removal
  • SKU: E07

Disposable Micro Brushes for Eyelash Extensions and Lash Lift (100x)

8.40 CAD 12.00 CAD

Micro Brushes | Pack of 100 for Precise and Hygienic Application

Enhance Your Beauty Services with Precise and Hygienic Application

These micro brushes are perfect for cleaning lashes, applying Vegan Lash Lift lotions, lash extension remover cream, and microblading pigments.


Precise Application without Drips or Lint

Their slim shape and soft, lint-free material prevent drips and lint, ensuring precise application.


Convenient and Hygienic

With their disposable design, these micro brushes are practical and hygienic for beauty professionals.


100 Units for Extended Use

Choose this pack of 100 units for extended use in your salon.

Eco-Friendly Option with NovoTip and NovoBrush

For the Queens looking for an ecological alternative, check out our eco-friendly NovoTip and NovoBrush. Together, they offer a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to beauty applications.


Key Features: