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Marjorie Queen Mentor: SELF 1
Marjorie Queen Mentor: SELF 1
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Marjorie Queen Mentor: SELF 1

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The Power of Self-Discovery

Unveiling the 'Why' Behind the 'Self'

In this chapter, we will dive deeper into the magic that begins with you. 

That's right – you're the queen of your story, and we're about to unlock that power together. We'll talk about how you are the pillar that holds up absolutely everything in life. You will get ready to embrace self-believe and learn how to tune out all the voices around you, because your intuition is the symphony guiding your path. 

We're also going to a life-changing exercise too – the one that fuelled a fire within me and that is set to light up yours. After all, you're here for a reason, aren't you? 

It's your time to shine and level up like never before my queen.