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Sticky Syringe™ Reusable Lash Lift Glue Dispenser
Sticky Syringe™ Reusable Lash Lift Glue Dispenser
  • SKU: E309

Sticky Syringe™ Reusable Lash Lift Glue Dispenser

18.00 CAD

Sticky Syringe™ - Lash Lift Glue Dispenser | For Lash Lift Glue: Sticky Adhesive™

Optimize Your Use of Sticky Adhesive™ with Our Sticky Syringe™

Maximize the precision and minimize wastage with our Sticky Syringe™, the essential accessory for precise and efficient applications.


A Wastage-Free Solution

Our syringe allows you to fill your tube of Sticky Adhesive™ down to the last drop, eliminating any wastage. Experience precise and uniform application with every use.


No More Cross-Contamination

Use our syringe to avoid cross-contamination, ensuring hygienic use of your Sticky Adhesive™ glue. Say goodbye to common issues related to brushes and broken bristles.


Premium Quality and Easy to Use

The Sticky Syringe™ is crafted with premium materials, offering exceptional durability and ease of use. It is perfect for Vegan Lash Lift technicians, allowing them to optimize their work.


Access Our Explanatory Video

Scan the included QR code to access our detailed explanatory video, guiding you step by step in the optimal use of the Sticky Syringe™


The Solution to Your Problems

Say goodbye to your concerns regarding the use of Sticky Adhesive™ glue with our Sticky Syringe™. No more wasted drops, cross-contamination, or damaged bristles. The solution to your problems is finally here.

Finally, here is the answer to your questions and concerns. Choose the Sticky Syringe™ now and enhance your experience with Sticky Adhesive™ Lash Lift glue.

Want to know how to use the sticky syringe? : Watch here

Here's my journey of discovery:

Because we wanted to use every last drop of sticky lotion and there was always 30% left stuck in the tube.

Because we wanted to ensure there is no cross-contamination with the brush.

Because we were tired of breaking bristles when inserting the brush into the tube.

There were many issues, and I constantly asked myself, "How can we improve it?"

Finally, here is the answer.

Marjorie xo